New Writing Gig

21 05 2010

I just wrote my first review for and I think it turned out pretty well.  It helps that I got to review an album that I actually liked (Sarah Jaffe’s Suburban Nature).  I got to check my snark at the door and praise an up-and-coming artist that deserves recognition.  Go ahead and read my review, and listen to the song that’s linked to at the end of it.  Hopefully you’ll like her, too.


The circle is now complete.

8 05 2010

A while back I wrote a blog post here called “Evidence that My Cat Is Not Batman.” It has since been picked up for publication by Praxis Magazine. Now I’m writing a blog post about it.  You’re welcome, Internet.

RE: Gorgeous grrl lking for smthing casual

1 05 2010

Good news!  I just got a humor piece published at Hobo Pancakes, on online journal of humor that will make you guffaw in your pants.  You ARE wearing pants, right?  Then head over and read it.