10 10 2011

I update my own blog all-too-infrequently, but that doesn’t stop me from writing posts for other people’s blogs. Check out my write-up of the excellent Korean vampire movie Thirst over on 31 Nights of Terror. Then when you’re done with that you can read on for more recommendations for Halloween-worthy films.


Scarecrow and Zombie

23 05 2011

Back in ’09 I shook off a bout of writer’s block that had lasted the better part of five years or so and started writing short stories again. One of the stories I wrote early on in this period of renewed creativity was “Scarecrow and Zombie,” a tale of two suburban children wandering around their neighborhood on Halloween. It remains my favorite story I’ve written so far, and so I was quite happy when it was recently accepted for publication by Johnny America. Today it went up on their website, and I feel kind of like I did the first day my daughter rode the bus to school in the morning. Will it make new friends? Is the lunch I packed for it OK? Perhaps you’d do me the favor of heading over there and reading it? Then I’d feel a little better about the whole thing.

This or That or the Other Thing

2 02 2011

I’ve got a new freelance writing gig which I am quite excited about. I will be writing blog posts for This or That, which is a rather entertaining website. My first post is up here and I have a second one pending that will be even funnier.  So keep an eye on the site or follow me on Twitter and I will be tweeting links to the articles as they go up.

My Words: Now in Print

3 01 2011

Yes, it’s cool being published on various websites.  But it’s even cooler being published in print.  So few things are actually put in print these days, what with the Internet and your Kindles and Nooks and iPads and various other electronic reading devices.  So I feel pretty good about the fact that one of my stories was published in the Wretched Moments anthology, now available IN PRINT from Amazon.com.  Next step: a published book all to myself.

McEggy’s Internet Tendency

28 09 2010

A couple months back, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency had a contest to find new columnists for their website.  I submitted the following prototypical humor column, but it was not accepted.  You can judge for yourself whether or not they made the right call.  (Hint: They probably did.)

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Other Writing

12 09 2010

So I added this new section onto my blog called “Other Writing.” Perhaps you’ve noticed it if you’ve been here in the last month wondering why the hell I haven’t posted anything new.  Well, to answer that question:  I haven’t posted anything new because I’ve been too busy writing for other people to actually write for myself.  That happens sometimes.  The good news, though, is that I’m building up a nice little portfolio of my published writing to show off to other people when I want to write for them.  That’s what the “Other Writing” section is for.  I’ve had a couple short stories accepted for publication recently, and they’ll be showing up there soon.  Keep an eye out!  And with any luck, maybe I’ll find some time to write something new for my blog, too.

From the Rejection Pile: How to Date in a Godly Way

8 06 2010

When I wrote this article, I knew full well that there was really no way it was going to be accepted by the site I wrote it for. I had to write it, though. Why? Because it’s funny.

How to Date in a Godly Way

In a society where kissing and hugging are openly tolerated on the streets and moving pictures show young couples making eye contact before marriage, many have forgotten how to date in a godly way.  Here are some tips for how to interact with the opposite sex without incurring the wrath of the Lord and damning yourself to an eternity of hellfire. Read the rest of this entry »