Scarecrow and Zombie

23 05 2011

Back in ’09 I shook off a bout of writer’s block that had lasted the better part of five years or so and started writing short stories again. One of the stories I wrote early on in this period of renewed creativity was “Scarecrow and Zombie,” a tale of two suburban children wandering around their neighborhood on Halloween. It remains my favorite story I’ve written so far, and so I was quite happy when it was recently accepted for publication by Johnny America. Today it went up on their website, and I feel kind of like I did the first day my daughter rode the bus to school in the morning. Will it make new friends? Is the lunch I packed for it OK? Perhaps you’d do me the favor of heading over there and reading it? Then I’d feel a little better about the whole thing.


Gotham Elementary

6 07 2010

After being told by a few different editors that the following story gets a little too close to crossing the line into fan fiction, I’ve decided it’s probably not the best candidate to submit for publication.  Instead, I’m putting it up here on my blog so it doesn’t completely go to waste.

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